A Smart Alternative (to the old fashioned way)

eMOBUS’ Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) platform puts an end to the overwhelming task of managing mobile devices. Simple and fast, eMOBUS lets companies automate the management of mobile device spend, security and support from a single user interface – allowing you to move past manual processes, incomplete carrier systems, painful customer support calls and unpredictable monthly costs.

Reduce your mobility management spend in days and prevent it forever with our software

The net/net

Lower carrier bills, less human capital tied up managing mobile devices and more visibility into what you have and how it’s being used.

  • Reduce and prevent overspending, regardless of changes in users, devices, usage and plans
  • Improve real-time visibility into who’s using what devices, how much they’re using them, and what they cost the company
  • Automate and consolidate all invoice processing for hundreds or thousands of wireless lines

Overwhelmed with Mobility Management?

BYOD Responsibly

Are you ready to BYOD (Bring Your Own Device)? Overwhelmed with uncertainty? With eMOBUS’ (EMM) platform you’re only a few clicks away from BYOD nirvana.

  • Allow users to make device purchases with a personal credit card or on the company bill
  • With a few clicks move users on or off of your company account
  • Enable users to self manage their devices within policy
  • Ensure the proper security on each device before it’s deployed

Scalability, Simplicity, and Savings

Service with Technology

eMOBUS’ (EMM) platform seamlessly combines service with technology to ensure you get the best result.

  • Having trouble figuring something out, just give us a ring and we’ll help
  • Live monthly account reviews with an eMOBUS Mobility Maven help guide your mobile strategy, keeping you ahead of the curve
  • Open a troubleshooting request and track every step of the way as we help your user quickly resolve their issue