Increased Line Count Growth, Expansion of Referral Partner Network, and Successful Launch of Licensing Program

eMOBUS, a leading provider of mobility expense management solutions, announces three major milestones in 2010. In one year, eMOBUS increased their managed cell phone line count by 200%.  The three leading customer wins accelerating this growth include ROEL Construction, ARB Inc., and TRC Companies Inc. “We are proud of our growth,” says Moe Arnaiz, CEO, eMOBUS. “We are even more excited about our zero churn, which is representative of our high level of client satisfaction.”

eMOBUS expanded their partner channel in 2010. This channel exclusively comprises system integrators, business consultants, and telecom companies who look to boost their product portfolios with a mobility management offering. Walter Wong, VP of Sales, eMOBUS, adds, “With the help of our partner network we will more than triple our total managed line count in 2011.”

Beyond this partner channel, eMOBUS launched a private labeled version of their flagship mobility management platform, EMM, to select Telecom Expense Management (TEM) companies wanting to improve the way they interact with their clients today. “There are several TEM companies that have been servicing their clients at a high level for years. Our platform simply provides the technology and automation for them to do it more efficiently, while the private label aspect allows them to protect their client base and brand,” Arnaiz said.

Forthcoming in first quarter of 2011, eMOBUS will launch EMM Data Solutions to their partner solution suite. The solution promises to provide consultants and TEM companies an affordable and easy to use carrier invoice data alternative in a space where timely and accurate electronic data feeds can be difficult to obtain.

“We’ve made it easy for them to load a PDF invoice pulled from the carrier website into our web interface and receive the normalized data output in the format of choice,” says eMOBUS CTO Mathieu Guilmineau.

eMOBUS sees the empowerment of the mobility management space with their technologies as a key element in their vision, growth and continued success.