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eMOBUS Launches Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) for ServiceNow Store


New Cloud Application Delivers management of mobility expenses, support and BYOD powered by the ServiceNow Platform

LAS VEGAS, KNOWLEDGE15– April 21, 2015 – eMOBUS today released Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) on the newly launched ServiceNow Store, empowering organizations to enhance and optimize the way they work through service management. Built on the ServiceNow platform, eMOBUS’ integration with ServiceNow helps IT automate the management of mobility expenses, tedious support tasks and BYOD programs by allowing ServiceNow users to manage mobile devices and view important wireless carrier information through the ServiceNow interface. ServiceNow users can view information such as device model (name, image, ESN/SIM/IMEI, operating system, BYOD status), service capabilities (voice, data, international roaming), upgrade eligibility and contract dates, real-time usage and monthly invoice costs. In addition, they can automate tedious mobile requests and incidents such as adding/removing international services, resetting voicemail, reporting a device lost/stolen or opening a troubleshooting request.

The ServiceNow Store is a commercial enterprise application marketplace that allows customers to purchase and download a broad-range of third-party applications and integrations to improve their IT and business operations. Using the ServiceNow Store, customers have easy access to apps that consumerize their employees’ service experience, automate workflows across departments, integrate IT operations anddeliver performance analytics.  Byunleashing the power of service management across the enterprise on one platform, organizations can improve efficiency and lower the cost of service delivery.

The ServiceNow Store was unveiled today at Knowledge15, ServiceNow’s annual global user conference.

“Our promise to our customers is to make mobility service management easy. With many of them already using ServiceNow our certified integration helps us deliver on that promise,” Moe Arnaiz, CEO, eMOBUS.

Key Application Highlights:

  • Automate the management of mobility expenses, tedious support tasks and BYOD.
  • Enable end users to self manage their mobile services.
  • View important mobile assets, expenses and usage in real-time.

About Knowledge15

At Knowledge15, approximately 9,000 attendees have the opportunity to attend more than 100 labs and 200 breakout sessions, specialized networking events, and an ExpoNow exhibition hall with approximately 170 sponsors. With the combination of pre-conference training, hands-on labs, and breakout sessions, the conference presents the best opportunity for ServiceNow customers and partners to learn about the future of ServiceNow, the ecosystem and how we are empowering the service-oriented enterprise. During the conference, follow it on the ServiceNow Community and on Twitter #Know15 and @Know365.

About eMOBUS

eMOBUS helps over 500 innovators like Netflix, Websense and NetSuite modernize the way they manage enterprise mobility. Combining easy-to-use software with expert services, eMOBUS Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) helps lower mobility costs, automate tedious support tasks and enable BYOD (Bring Your Own Device). Deployed in days and built for administrators and end-users alike, eMOBUS customers see ROI immediately, relieving IT resources for higher priority tasks, while decreasing mobility expenses.

Media Contact:

Walter Wong

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The BYOD Conundrum


By: Moe Arnaiz, CEO at eMOBUS – If you’re like most IT leaders, you’re probably being knocked around a bit by the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) model. On paper, it makes so much sense: employees choose the technology they love —iPhones, Droids, etc.— and the organization saves money because the carrier service and device costs are offloaded to the end user.

But in practice, BYOD can also mean BYOV, “bring your own vendor,” and that can mean managing wildly disparate costs and seemingly endless variables in vendor requirements. And sometimes BYOD doesn’t mean UYOD, “using your own device,” and IT managers will in fact be managing and paying for devices that are dormant at best and MIA at worst.

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NASCIO Survey – Top 10 Priorities for State CIOs in 2015


NASCIO surveys State CIOs every year to distinguish and rank the most important issues in policy and technology in state government.  The final report contains prioritized strategies, management processes and solutions needed to increase efficiency and reduce costs. Enterprise Mobility Management ranked as a top priority – pertaining to devices, applications, workforce, security, policy issues, support, ownership, communications, wireless infrastructure and BYOD. Learn more about the Top 10 Ranking Priorities for State CIOs in 2015.

eMOBUS’ mobility service management solution helps over 400 companies modernize the way they manage mobility. Combining easy-to-use software with expert services, we lower mobility costs, automate tedious support tasks and enable Hybrid BYOD (Bring Your Own Device). With eMOBUS you can: stop overpaying wireless carriers, use your resources wisely, understand your mobile environment better, give users a choice, get international usage costs under control and create accountability.

Learn how eMOBUS customers solve their mobility priorities with our Enterprise Mobility Management solution.

Enhancements for Batch SMS and Quick Glance Features


We now have a new and improved way to handle communicating with your mobile environment and viewing a pure representation of your invoices.

Batch SMS BETA from Mobile Environment: 

Batch SMS BETA allows you to send text messages to up to 25 users at a time from the Mobile Environment report. This capability provides you with an alternative way to communicate with your mobile users (e.g. if email goes down or emergency messaging is needed).
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