Business Process Outsourcing of Cellular Expense Management Enables Significant Costs Savings and Productivity Gains

eMOBUS ( a leading vendor of cellular expense management services and software, today announced that McBride Electric ( and Baker Electric ( rolled out Electronic Mobility Management to reduce operational overhead and drive down direct carrier billing costs.

McBride Electric specializes in planning, implementing and protecting the electrical and voice/data/video infrastructure that is vital to commercial and industrial clients nationwide. Their teams of experts are focused in the areas of Technology/Equipment rollouts, Critical Systems and Energy Conservation. With a proud heritage since 1950, McBride Electric serves more than 40% of the Fortune 100 through a unique combination of 13 regional branch offices and their best-of-breed affiliate organization.

Through eMOBUS’ Electronic Mobility Management program, McBride Electric was able to consolidate fifteen wireless accounts spread across thirteen locations. Within 60 days, their Verizon billing costs dropped by 37%. David Fischer, McBride Electric’s IT Director, states, “For the small amount we pay each month, we pay less to Verizon, gain better customer support, and have one centralized system for all of our cellular needs.” Clear visibility allows McBride Electric to monitor and record out-of-policy cellular usage. Simple accounting functionality makes it easy to allocate cellular costs by site location, department, and cost code in minutes.

Baker Electric has been in business successfully since 1938 and is a full-service, fourth-generation, family-owned and -operated company. Baker Electric has completed multi-million-dollar contracts throughout southern California, acting as both a prime and subcontractor. Their client base includes Commercial, Industrial – High Tech, Manufacturing, Power Generation, Renewable Energy/Photovoltaic Solar and Residential in both the public and private sectors. Baker Electric has extensive experience in providing comprehensive pre-construction services and the planning, coordination, and project management of major projects with critical schedules.

“eMOBUS performed all of the heavy lifting, producing cost savings that, for the most part, we would have struggled with or spent too much time to create ourselves. Collectively, they dropped our AT&T, Sprint, and Verizon costs by 32%,” said Brian Miliate, Baker Electric’s CFO. “Before eMOBUS we had three sales reps, three carrier systems, and three different types of billing invoices. Now we have one system, one knowledgeable support center, and consistent reporting.” The complete solution allows Baker Electric to spend minimal time on cellular so they can focus on planning and strategy rather than bill reconciliation and account maintenance.

By taking a preventative approach, eMOBUS delivers a powerful new way to manage mobility. After establishing the optimal cost configurations for purchasing a corporate pooling plan environment, Electronic Mobility Management is deployed to keep those configurations in place. By centralizing every transaction, from ESN swap to plan change, ordering a new device to canceling a line, upgrading a line to suspending service, each move/add/change transaction is referenced against business intelligence rules before it is executed into the carriers system.