Johnny Rockets Saves Time, Reduces Cost and Improves Account Visibility by Outsourcing Wireless Expense Management

After a thorough evaluation, Johnny Rockets has selected eMOBUS for wireless expense management services.

Johnny Rockets is a privately held company based in Lake Forest, California that operates in the United States and abroad serving more than 13 million hamburgers each year. Since 1986, the iconic restaurant brand has offered food, fun and friendliness that remind guests of timeless, feel-good Americana. Every Johnny Rockets restaurant serves simple, great-tasting food from a menu of all-American favorites, including juicy hamburgers, classic sandwiches and hand-dipped shakes and malts.

In 2008, Paul Nishiyama, Executive Director of I.T. for Johnny Rockets, signed up for Electronic Mobility Management services. “Managing wireless was a time consuming burden,” claims Paul. “By outsourcing management to eMOBUS, these challenges have been put to ease. Through their simple ticketing system, all we do is submit requests online and eMOBUS does the rest.” The eMOBUS approach is broken down into three stages: 1) eMOBUS establishes the optimal cost configurations for purchasing carrier services 2) eMOBUS implements the configuration changes with the carriers 3) The Electronic Mobility Management system is rolled out to protect the configurations, preventing adverse account growth.

The challenge is not creating the savings, it’s keeping the savings realized while administrators procure orders or make move/add/changes to the account. The Electronic Mobility Management ticketing system centralizes each procurement order or move/add/change request and references it against business intelligence rules, emitting the most cost-efficient way to process
the transaction with the carriers. The eMOBUS Operations team use the system’s recommend outputs and ensures that the transactions are correctly executed into the carriers system. Then each month eMOBUS reconciles the move/add/change transactions against the clients invoice to ensure accurate carrier billing. Software alone cannot fix the carriers shortcomings, so eMOBUS uses a combination of technology and systematic processes for a complete turnkey wireless management solution.

Other providers offer applications that just highlight carrier billing
discrepancies, forcing administrators to spend inordinate amounts of time working with the carriers to fix the problems. Then administrators have to reconcile these change requests against the following month’s invoice to make sure the carriers processed the transactions correctly. eMOBUS reports are only used for transparency so clients can track inventory, monitor out-of-policy usage and automate accounting tasks. “I don’t want to know what’s wrong with my account,” exclaimed Paul. “I just want the problem fixed.”

eMOBUS offers a complimentary bill analysis so interested companies can compare guaranteed potential savings to the monthly service fees. “The entire process, from introductory meeting to rollout was swift and easy,” says Paul. “After reviewing an impressive demo, I handed the sales rep my wireless bills. Shortly after, I received a follow-up call with an optimization proposal, guaranteeing to reduce our direct billing costs by 29% in 60 days. Then, once the contract was executed, we were fully deployed in 10 days. Two billing cycles later, eMOBUS delivered on the savings.”