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eMOBUS Fuels Managed Service Partner Growth with White Label Program for Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) Platform


Company’s EMM platform combines easy-to-use software with expert services to help companies reduce costs and complexity while enabling hybrid BYOD

eMOBUS, a leading provider of modern enterprise mobility management solutions, today announced that it has significantly expanded the white label partner program for its EMM platform, which provides companies with a simple and fast way to manage their mobile user spend and support. EMM is unique in delivering near-real-time usage data analysis, and streamlines carrier change management while providing basic mobile device management (MDM) security functionality.

Program Highlights:

• More than 400 companies have now deployed eMOBUS’ EMM platform to manage their mobility programs
• Lines under management grew an average of nearly 40 percent per partner in the past year, with some partners doubling in line count.

“EMM offers numerous benefits to solution providers wanting to grow their mobility practice, especially in the SMB space, where companies with a couple hundred to a few thousand devices are largely underserved by legacy telecom expense management solutions,” said Moe Arnaiz, eMOBUS’ CEO and co-founder. “Our white label EMM offering gives providers the fastest route to customer revenue and satisfaction, and proven growth opportunities with a tool that can be deployed in hours and is easy to scale. We are pleased to be working with so many quality partners to bring EMM to our rapidly expanding mutual customer base.”

Traditional legacy telecom expense management (TEM) solutions can have long deployment cycles, deliver a clunky user experience, and only manage expenses after the fact. In contrast, the EMM platform modernizes enterprise mobility management, providing a significantly better customer experience. Providers benefit from EMM’s ability to automate previously manual processes that were difficult to manage, allowing them to support 8,000 – 10,000 lines per employee while providing the ability to extract valuable billing and mid-cycle usage data from carriers on demand.

For the end customer, EMM provides one seamless platform for ordering, reporting, invoice processing, service optimization and support, and simplifies BYOD deployment by leaving device choice to users and all other policy-based plan, payment and support management under company control. Unique near real-time data acquisition and analysis abilities ensure that companies can avoid costly usage patterns such as international roaming and excessive data consumption before these unexpected expenses hit their bills. EMM is also built for the cloud, easily integrating with human resources, accounting, service desk management and other systems.

According to the research firm Gartner Group, managed mobility software is crucial to the delivery of managed mobility services, in the same way that the use of IT operations and service management software is used in the delivery of broader IT managed services and outsourcing contracts (source: Gartner, Magic Quadrant for Managed Mobility Services, July 25, 2013).

An August 2013 VDC Research survey of SMB and large enterprises showed that large enterprises are increasingly hard-pressed to exploit mobile technologies as a means to drive employee satisfaction, productivity and competitive advantage. VDC also noted that, with fewer resources and less sophisticated mobile initiatives, the SMB market for mobile managed services is comparatively untapped. “Yet as more advanced mobile applications enter the market, we see competitive strategies emerge as the leading driver behind mobile managed services adoption,” the report said. “At minimum, support of flexible BYOD policies expands the technological resources available to employees while demanding little in the way of capital expenses.”

Improved Transfer of Liability Process


We now have a new and improved way to handle those situations where you would like to allow an employee to take personal responsibility for a line on your corporate account.

A common theme we have heard from you is that the process of transferring a line from a corporate account to a personal account lacks visibility. To help you with this issue, we have made several improvements around the TOL (Transfer of Liability) process.

New Location for TOL Out Ticket
To create a TOL Out ticket, you now simply go to the green status button and select “TOL Out.”


Improved Process & Reporting
Once you have submitted a TOL Out request, eMOBUS will notate the wireless line appropriately. We will then contact your end user to let them know that notes have been placed and the next steps they need to take.

Once this has been completed, this line will be an Active line in EMM, but “flagged” as a “Pending TOL” until the line has been removed from your account. In the past, you would have to search through troubleshooting tickets to determine if lines were still active. Now, you will have access to this data in 2 locations.

      1) The invoice optimization page, which displays all your monthly recommendations, will now display any active lines that are still pending a transfer.
      2) If you prefer to see a consolidated report, you will also have access to a new report called “Pending TOL Lines”, located under the report menu.


From both of these reports you can see how long the line has been pending a transfer and choose to suspend the line, cancel the line, or simply wait for your employee to take responsibility. In order to make communication even easier, you will now be able to text message the pending lines that are still pending with a custom message, right from the report page.


If you have any questions regarding these new changes, simply contact your account manager or call us at 888-eMOBUS1 and select option 1.

We hope these enhancements make life a little easier.

Thank you,

The eMOBUS Team

eMOBUS’ Mobility Management Delivers Savings for Global Transportation Firm, Amerijet


October 10, 2013 San Diego, CA

eMOBUS’ proven data-driven management system provides significant savings for Amerijet International, Inc., a Florida-based cargo shipping company.

Amerijet carries more than 200 million pounds of freight annually to more than 550 destinations worldwide. With a leading presence in its primary service regions of Latin America and the Caribbean, Amerijet relies heavily on mobile devices. Derived by experience gained with industry-leading transportation customers, eMOBUS automates the management of mobile device spend, security and support. The easy-to-use technology platform is swift to deploy.

Over the years, cellular plans have become more complex with confusing data plans, international coverage, and security options. With strained IT resources, companies commonly struggle to maintain a lasting reduction in cellular expenses. Through continued data capture, analysis, and expert algorithms, eMOBUS’ Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) uncovers operational savings opportunities and improves bill review, utilization planning, and inventory control month after month.

“We have implemented several of the key recommendations eMOBUS made and have seen our bill drop by 38 percent from our baseline. We continue to incorporate changes that they recommend each month and see a continued increase in savings. But that has not been the major benefit: we now have excellent visibility into all of our mobile devices and their usage. It’s been a substantial improvement, and time savings over the AT&T dashboard and reports,” said Jennifer Torlone, Senior Director of Technology and Information Services at Amerijet Holdings, Inc.
One example, continued Ms. Torlone, “I was recently in a planning meeting to migrate our mileage reporting to a new system. In 30 seconds, I had a report from eMOBUS that listed all of the phone types and when they were eligible for an upgrade. Our discussion could continue with the details that we needed.”

“It used to take me days to a week to get the answers I needed. I am no longer stuck on hold or trying to determine if there is a report available that can answer my question. Now, I open a ticket and provide a window of availability and our employee gets a call from eMOBUS that solves the problem. It’s like having a guardian angel that responds to e-mail,” said Juana Villa, Senior Manager, Information Technology at Amerijet.

eMOBUS’ Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) platform combines a SaaS-based portal that captures and stores near real-time information about cellular usage and billing, with innovative software and world-class services. eMOBUS solutions give Amerijet’s IT managers easy access to critical information, leading to effective, timely, and cost-saving actions.

About Amerijet
Amerijet International, Inc. is a full-service multi-modal transportation and logistics provider, scheduled all-cargo transport via land, sea, and air. Florida-based Amerijet, operates offices worldwide, serving over 550+ destinations throughout Central & South America, Mexico, the Caribbean, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. Amerijet operates Boeing 727-200 and Boeing 767-200 owned aircraft from its primary hub at Miami International Airport, with 210,000-square-foot export and 100,000-square-foot imports air cargo handling facilities and a 50,000-square-foot ocean cargo facility. Amerijet specializes in providing transportation services for Oversized Materials, Pharmaceuticals, Perishables, Hazardous Materials, as well as dry goods. To learn more, please visit

About eMOBUS
eMOBUS provides a simple and fast way for companies to manage mobile user spend, security and support from a single platform. With an intuitive UI that’s loved by users, eMOBUS brings the enterprise the first, true end-to-end, BYOD friendly, mobility management platform, combining real-time usage, device, and expense management into a flexible “user-first” system.

Deployed in days and built for administrators and end-users alike, eMOBUS customers see real ROI immediately, relieving IT resources for higher priority tasks, while decreasing mobility expenses. eMOBUS’ unique combination of technology and expert services ensure results providing a scalable mobility solution for companies of all sizes. To learn more, please visit

Media contact: Walter Wong, 858-926-3239

eMOBUS has partnered with nGage Events as one of the hosts for M6 Mobility xChange


eMOBUS has partnered with nGage Events as one of the hosts for M6 Mobility xChange. M6 is an invitation only event, focusing on bringing together an executive audience focusing on mobility, technology, and best practices. This invitation-only event is geared to qualified executives who attend the event at no cost (includes travel, transfers, hotel, meals, and receptions). M6 has limited attendance and is designed around the small group concept.

Please join us for the following sessions.

September 16th @ 1pm: Join eMOBUS CEO, Moe Arnaiz and TRC Companies (NYSE: TRR) CIO, Hemant Wadwha as they discuss how an effective Mobility Management strategy can help Energy companies save money, gain visibility and improve end user experience.

September 17th @ 1:40pm: Join eMOBUS CEO, Moe Arnaiz and AMN Healthcare (NYSE: AHS) VP of IT, Todd Stewart as they discuss how Hybrid BYOD in combination with an effective Mobility Management strategy can help Healthcare companies improve productivity, save money and keep IT talent focused on strategic initiatives.